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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A good friend sent me several emails around Christmas that I failed to respond to in a timely manner.  I apologized, explaining how busy I was around the holidays. Not true, precisely.  I just went into a funk; kind of lockjawed myself.  She's an artist.  I designed and built her studio last year.  I mentioned that aside from writing I once upon a time had aspirations to become a great artist, but that I gave up when a major gallery in Santa Monica asked me to bring some pieces up there for their review.  Which I did.  Which they dissed.  I quit painting shortly thereafter, but swore a few years later when I began writing Marvin I'd never, ever quit this dream. Anyway, Sue asked to see a few of my pieces.  This is one I did in about '94 called "Bob and Ted".  Bob has a little moustache.  See it beneath his nose?  Ted is not quite sure of Bob's intentions.  I did another, which photo I've lost; a painted sculpture.  Inside its "M"-like structure I printed an entire story about how Nathaniel Watt electrocuted himself while setting up his first gallery show.  The name of the piece was, "The Passing of Nathaniel Watt."  It was funny to see patrons practically standing on their heads to read the story.  Some came away rubbing sore necks--I think the word count was around 1,500!  In still another work, on Arches paper, I got the idea to tell a story about young Marvin Fuster in script, in the painting itself.  He was addicted to arson even as little Marvin--burned down the orphanage and ran away delighted and laughing...and free.
Happy New Year to all of you!

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