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Sunday, January 24, 2010


In my previous version of Marvin I had him being arrested outside the mansion the morning after his arrival (kidnapping and terrorism). At the jail he met Anton Stump and the idiot caricature, John Delilah, at the sumptuous dinner in the cafeteria. There he learned of Amy's existence in real life, and her whereabouts.
John Delilah fell asleep; Anton took Marvin to see Cellblock Three--The Sistine chapel. Thus the whole history of the Chapel, along with LaVerne "Buddy" Budd who painted the ceiling, Warden Marsten Dick, who conceived the idea of an enlightenment-type jail, Spatso Clem (the bad, bad guy), Mikey Lee (my real-life brother who keeps getting himself locked outside the jail). In a way it was all too unreal and too wonderful.

Thinking out loud...

WHAT IF...instead of Marvin being snatched from arrest as I have it now, and being taken in by a more-real Delilah, I have him being arrested that morning for drunk in public and assault on an officer? Insert the edited jail chapters. Once again, Maribeth can spring him, and then take him, not back to the mansion, but to John Delilah's ultra-hip, industrial loft? THERE he can learn of Amy's existence when she drops by to visit her boss, John Delilah!
I still have the issue of what to do with Sampson...he is integral to the plot, and I must re-introduce him soon, as the cause of Delilah's death (Spatso and company did it in the first version, inside the jail).
This is a fantasy, a romantic fantasy just as it was when I first wrote it. I've lost much of that humor, though; lost much of Marvin's off-the-wall zaniness and the lightheartedness of the story. But I had to make Delilah...even Sampson...more real, and I've done that, but at the cost of scrapping my Chapel chapters, and Anton.

Laughing. So, I wind up with 500+ manuscript pages.

As it is...

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