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Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm moving :) Roget will accompany Amy today. A little back story about him. Hope it works.


This was Roget’s first full day on planet Earth, planet anyplace in The Milky Way in fact. His celestial life, and it was long by any standard of measure, had been spent caring for the needs of sentient beings developing in the inner reaches of the universe, near the center. Nearest Heaven. Axis Celesti. The galaxies here were the latest to be brought into existence in that micro-second fourteen billion years ago when God spoke. They came to be in super-heated clouds of hydrogen, the breath of the Creator that was at once horrific and magnificent. Systems filled with the anger of heat, the collision of young stars that incinerated the rocky cores of worlds circling them, everything in apparent disarray. Black holes sucked matter and light near them into a raging whirlpool of crushed atoms and photons, back to the point of nothingness. The far off surviving planets cooled over eons under the watchful eye and unbounded love of God and His stewards, and life began.
Whereas Anselm sat in the class of simple angels, Roget stood amongst the Principalities, that choir created to introduce art and science and inspiration to every species capable of reaching up to God, back to the unfathomable mind that had nurtured their beginnings. The angel knew what it was to touch the primitive thoughts of the gentle creatures inhabiting a lush and watery world in the binary system of Rigel, their complex power of reasoning having just awakened. He walked among the elephantine herds on an unnamed planet circling Mu Arae, noting thought arising. He saw Hominids gazing skyward at Archernar in wonderment, ready.
Grace was the same everywhere, like gravity. It was within his providence to dispense it, in accordance with his Father’s desires, and he did so to certain among them, hoping its power took root. Often it did not, and so he would try again and again until it finally stuck. Now he was with his old friend, Anselm, not to awaken genius, but to help raise a lowly derelict from ruin. Or so he thought at first.
The soft breath across Amy’s face last evening had been a digression. Roget had stepped aside for a moment and pushed her into Marvin’s dream, a move he was certain would bear fruit in the weeks ahead, though his decision to intervene was a step outside the parameters of his instructions—“Go, find her. Find out everything about her. Keep her safe while I figure out what to do with him.” He was secondary to Anselm whom God had selected for reasons undisclosed to lead the mission, and that was fine. That was fine, because it was what the Creator desired. Perhaps it could be said: Angels are smarter than men.
Amy locked the door behind her, dropped the keys into her purse, and then adjusted the strap on her shoulder.
(c) Patrick Lee-2010

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