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Sunday, February 20, 2011

This email shattered me...

Listen, your minor typos are nothing that can't be fixed and cannot take away from the brilliance of your book which I am still reading.  sherry wine does not have a capital "S".  I am so captivated, jealous and admiring of this book.

Patrick, have you submitted it to publishers or agents yet?  If not, DO SO IMMEDIATELY.  Anyone who turns this down is a fool.  If you want my Writers Handbook code number so you can access them on line, do this

Go to:

Register using this code: 

I hope it works, although I do have the 2009 version, so it may not.  Worth a try though.

You need to get this out to as many publishers as possible.  It is a fabulous book.  I am going to say something that I never thought possible, but it is true.  I am two thirds of the way through the classic, OF HUMAN BONDAGE, and your book is just as good.  I really mean that.  In fact, it is better!  So take my praise and use it to get yourself published.  If you need my help, i.e., my feedback, etc. to use when approaching an agent or publisher, just ask.  If you don't win the contest, then something is wrong.  My feeble attempt at writing pales in comparison with this, and I truly mean it.
I do so believe in my new version; many others have smiled after  having read it...Trish, Carolann, Cherilyn, Pammy, Laz.  Maybe it's finally Marvin's time, God love him. 
Thank you, Valerie.

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