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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1...news at last


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* Get Published Writing Contest * TOP THREE WINNERS

Get Published Writing Contest Official Announcement:

The judges had a tough time choosing the top three winners for the Get Published Writing contest, but here are the final winners…

1st place:

Summer Terror in Texas

by michaelmpacheco

The US Border Patrol begins what appears to be a routine double-homicide investigation near the Mexican border. When they discover dead bodies with radiation burns, they realize the case is far from routine. As the agents investigate the murders, cultures collide and lives are taken. But who survives?

The grand prize, generously provided by CreateSpace, is a Total Design Freedom Advanced Publishing Solution, which will include all of the following services valued at $2,567:

Total Design Freedom Custom Book Interior
Unique Book Cover
One Round of Comprehensive Copyediting
Promotional Text Creation
Press Release Creation with Distribution
Plus a Complimentary Upgrade to Pro Plan

CreateSpace also will provide the book a free CreateSpace ISBN if the winner of the contest does not already have an ISBN of his or her own. The winner will be able to choose any of the following sales channels through which he or she would like to enable the book for sale: the Amazon.com website, a CreateSpace eStore, and the CreateSpace expanded distribution channel.


2nd place:

The Redemption of Marvin Fuster

by felixthecat

By his wits, by the grace of God, by the hands of angels, by love, and by dumb luck and a fall on his head, a homeless alcoholic derelict leaps into history. Marvin Fuster sets out to crack the riddle of the human genome singlehandedly, reverse his age, and then win the heart of a young woman of a

This book also was the WILDCARD pick by the community – thanks to lazarus67, rgabel, cavlaster, etelizabeth, paigecarter and tina2010 for nominating this book!

The 2nd place prize is $500!

3rd place:

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

by gooduklady


(Courtesy of Brian Doswell) - Everyone has a story to tell, a life full of memories and decisions, some good, some bad and some distinctly crazy. Most people tend to be a tad selective about their precious moments, but not Valerie.

This is a fascinating and candid exposé of a life lived on the edge, told with an amazing degree of refreshing honesty from start to finish. Every emotion is right there on the page. Moments of true love mingle with mindless raw sex, as easily as career highs and lows mix with decisions to decorate the living room, leaving the reader to decide when Valerie ever found time to draw breath.

The 3rd place prize is $300!

Congratulations to all the winners!

The BookRix Team

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