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Friday, April 29, 2011


That usually gets a lot of people’s attention. What is it? Not sure. I don’t even think the US Supreme Court will touch the definition of that one. But then again…

Over there at Bookrix, my favorite author site, I posted a community message addressing books created, and which have big red Xs across the covers. I admonished the authors to consider the ramifications of putting these books on a “social site”, in view of the fact that lately the site seems to be inundated with lower teens and sub-teens.

“Would you want your children to read them?” I asked. Can they damage a young mind? That’s debatable certainly, but in my view books that are sexually explicit or gratuitously violent should not be read by impressionable children. Should we ban the books from the site, then.
No, absolutely not. That is censorship. I posited that WE can do nothing. It is a free and open site to anyone of any age. So...what is the solution? The individual author must consider carefully what posting a book might do to an impressionable mind. It is their decision.

“But I placed a 'Warning: May be offensive to some' on the cover page.”

Yeah? So what. I’m thirteen. My parents don’t police my internet activities that much, ESPECIALLY at a book site, so my hormones being like the inside of a nuclear reactor, what will I do?

Our children have enough crap thrown at them by the media and the other arts. I believe we should act responsibly when placing a platter of prime beef in front of them.

I don’t think I made many friends with my community post. We can rationalize anything if we need to; if it’s in our personal interests, but our gut usually speaks the truth.

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