out of the ashes

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have to laugh. A good friend of mine is working with a young ten year-old girl who has written a...poem, it appears to be. The cover has a big red X on it. From a ten year-old?

Sheer curiosity badgered at me to open the book and take a glance. Thankfully it was only a page in length. No, it wasn't x-rated by any definition of the word, but it surprised me. Perhaps it shouldn't have.

This very young writer does write like a ten year-old, I suppose. In her poem she bemoaned the fact that she was perceived (she didn't use the word) herself as un-perfect; or "f-in Perfect" as she put it." So, she grew up and marryed (yes, marryed) a rich guy. Now she's "f-in perfect."

I suspect with time and great mentoring she will grow up. Maybe even marry a rich dude, lol. As for being f-in perfect...well, who can say?
Charmingly naaive.

I guess the point is, all of us f-in perfect adults must do what we can to help our kids, our future, to become something exceptional. I try. Sigh. Damn, it's hard sometime!


  1. Alas... there are so few of us out there willing to help younger generations, let alone put the effort in to nurture them from such a point. Being said friend, I'm thinking I'll stick with just one ten-year old for now. There's something to be said for her determination and her ability to convey such an interesting topic, and I think it's the duty of all more experienced writers to take someone under their wing.

    It's times like these that I miss the craft guilds from the past. There, apprentices were worked with, molded, polished in their chosen art until they were masters of their trade, both performing their craft and teaching the following generations. Now, there is so little of that...

    Great post!

  2. And a great comment. Thanks, Stevie!