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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Why am I on this ancient music gig?
In that cardboard box filled with CDs I ran across "Blind To Reason", 1988, by Grayson Hugh! MTV, when it still focused on music videos, used to play cut three, "Talk It Over." In that video I remember Grayson Hugh in a bedroom, coming out of a suitcase laying on the bed, singing. I think his love was inside that suitcase, too :) It was charming! Hugh's voice was crystal. Must download it! Maybe I'll write a story of two lovers trapped in a suitcase. Hmm...

My all-time favorite group. Absolutely, without a doubt. More so than the mighty Beatles, more than Sting (no, The Rolling Stones were never among them), Simon and Garfunkel...more than any were The Beach Boys!

I found "Pet Sounds" in that box. I anxiously added it to my playlist. Their harmonies were second to none, always, with Brian Wilson usually doing the lead vocals. What a gorgeous voice, but with the layering of Mike Love, Al Jardine, Dennis and Carl Wilson, they produced an innocent, magical sound.

I think I must have been a Junior in high school when Pet Sounds was released. Was it Kat, or Lorraine Martinez? No, a petite girl with long blond hair whose name I don't recall (who dissed my affections--crushed me lol). That's where I was.

I remember seeing The Beach Boys in concert one summer close to that time when they came to Denver--wearing those tight fitting white Levis and red-striped shirts. A good time to have been alive and young and still so innocent:)

"You Still Believe In Me." Cut # 2. Quintessential Beach Boys. Thanks Brian and company. You were the BEST!

Now I have to dig through that box again and find "Brothers."

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