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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah's Canticle

I have received some wonderful comments, and oh, they lighten my heart and make me smile:) Thanks to all who have read Sarah's Canticle and taken the time to comment at my bookpage. I am so gratified.

Yet, possibly the most astonishing comment...

Sarah"s Canticle
Patrick - A small gem of a story-poem. I loved it!
- Grayson
On July 26th 2011 | Answer | Delete

I used the ending line of "Empty as the Wind" from Grayson's album, "Blind to Reason", with his gracious approval...he not having any idea what I might write concerning it. I am so afraid I didn't do his wonderful song justice, but...

When MTV was in its heyday, two of his cuts from the album were made into videos. I instantly fell in love with "Talk It Over", thus my love affair with his music began. I am so honored by his comment. Thank you, sir:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maggie got trashed

Yeah, my baby looks as though she has fifteen eyes and a dozen noses in view of the thrashing Maggie received from the independent judges. I hung my head after reading the "reviews."
It was tough even starting a new short story. Valerie lifted my spirits and helped me so much in getting the new one on course. And my dear Sereni:)

And gosh...thanks from the bottom of my heart to the gracious Grayson Hugh. He allowed me to use the ending line from "Empty As The Wind" off his "Blind To Reason" album.

So, I won't post the story here, but I will post the initial comments proudly:)

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Sarah & Michael
Okay Patrick,
Don't rub it in. You're really, really good. Seriously. You seem to improve with every piece of work you post on this site. I recently read some runner-up short stories for the Pulitzer Prize and yours could very well have been one of them. Keep'em comin.'
On July 24th 2011

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On July 24th 2011
I love your
Sarah and her belief in "All things are possible...

This is a flowing masterpiece..words are inadequate...emotionally moving...thank you for the great read..p

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On July 24th 2011

A True Artist
A true Artist to the craft. You painted me a picture in my mind, kept me entertained until the very end, and left me wanting more. Well done Patrick.

Sarah made it possible because of her strong faith. The Apostle Peter walked on water, until fear overcame him and his faith wavered.
Great story Pat..loved it a lot. Can't add more to all the previous comments.

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On July 24th 2011
As writers, we expose who we are by what we write. We show our artistry, our intelligence and our knowledge(or, in some cases, our lack thereof). Only a few have a talent such as yours, Patrick....and you SHOW who you are by works such as this. Everything you have ever read and retained, all the paintings you have gazed upon and all your life experiences shine forth brilliantly in this magnificent piece. Bravo!

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On July 24th 2011
How Many Times May I Vote For This?
I can't stand "chick flicks." I despise pulp romance novels. I avoid as many love stories as I can, pursuing adventure and sword-fights instead. So...why am I so in love with your book? Holy cow, what a magnificent work of writing this is! Everything about it captivated me, from the descriptions that put me right into the scenes to the cries of confusion from the main character that amplified all sense of empathy already in place from the overall premise. In the scenes where he stood at the edge of the ocean, I almost went to get myself a sweater. And the way you described that "firmament" left my ears straining, my eyes unable to blink. Wow. That's all I have left to say. Wow.

Thank you Sereni:)

Those questions you asked raise further questions in MY mind concerning Michael's sanity; in fact Sarah's true existence! Fascinating.
But I do so love to leave the reader wondering when I write my endings:)

Sarah's Canticle
You are such a romantic, and so artistic in how you paint with such beautiful descriptive words. Did Michael imagine this unique being? Where did she go,and how? These are questions that you have left me wondering.Serena

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On July 24th 2011

Of course you can read the story here: Bookrix.com. Sarah's Canticle, Patrick Sean Lee or at my bookpage, felixthecat.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Do, or Not To Do

That is the question.

The ebook arm of the industry is exploding. As traditional houses are downsizing and becoming more and more cautious about signing new authors on, I keep mulling over going indie. It's easy enough to do, and keeping an eye on percent of market gained recently, the temptation is to become my own publisher. The problem is marketing. How do I even get hits at my ebook, let alone downloads?
I contacted two firms this year, inquiring about breadth of services offered, as well as costs. The bottom line is (as it has always been), you get what you pay for, and it ain't cheap. Even going the gold route, there's absolutely no assurance of success in sales.
So how did Amanda Hocking do it? Or a handful of other successful indie authors? When I figure that one out, I'll be off and running!
Something of interest. My favorite online site, Bookrix, is experiencing a similar explosion in growth, albeit an avalanche of ten year-olds, lol. "Read Me!" Still, some excellent writers have signed in recently. But, to the point. Bookrix is launching their arm, expanding into the ebook market this Fall. It's an easy, user-friendly free-to-read book publishing site already, and I trust that their ebook arm will be the same. It's my hunch that they will give Smashwords (not a particularly user-friendly site) and others a run for their money. I want to be on board when Bookrix launches.

I'm concentrating on short stories. Thanks, JW. Maybe I'll do a collection. Right now I'm working on The Invisible Man. Thanks H.G:) I started it months ago, stopped, and now have decided to totally revise and finish. Carolann gave me some awesome ideas for plot and characters:)

Incredible news...and I'll name no names as per request. Another amazingly talented friend was ecstatic and sent me an email recently. This person has been contacted by the owner of a major house; wants to read a certain book this author wrote. How often do you hear of THAT! I am equally excited for this writer, a close friend. I have many, so don't try to guess who it is:)

That's all, folks!
Off to take my invisible man on his journey again!