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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah's Canticle

I have received some wonderful comments, and oh, they lighten my heart and make me smile:) Thanks to all who have read Sarah's Canticle and taken the time to comment at my bookpage. I am so gratified.

Yet, possibly the most astonishing comment...

Sarah"s Canticle
Patrick - A small gem of a story-poem. I loved it!
- Grayson
On July 26th 2011 | Answer | Delete

I used the ending line of "Empty as the Wind" from Grayson's album, "Blind to Reason", with his gracious approval...he not having any idea what I might write concerning it. I am so afraid I didn't do his wonderful song justice, but...

When MTV was in its heyday, two of his cuts from the album were made into videos. I instantly fell in love with "Talk It Over", thus my love affair with his music began. I am so honored by his comment. Thank you, sir:)

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