out of the ashes

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey Guys!

We're launching a new contest! We want you to write a script. Any subject you want, but the opening scene has to take place on a boat.

I wrote a spec script seven or eight years ago, and then sent it up to my niece in Hollywood. She worked for Andrew Stevens, and I thought "Wow, won't be long now until I walk onto the stage and get my Oscar..."
She replied...kind of nicely.
"It's simply unbelievable, etc., etc.,...I went into seclusion, weeping.
But what was believable about a guy building a rocket ship in his barn, and THEN launching himself into orbit! I loved that film! But, think about it, lol.

So, I'm writing a new script! I've studied David Trottier's Bible until I'm dreaming about the chapters every night. CUT TO as a real creature dancing across the page. DIALOG CHARACTER NAME Parenthetical Action. They're all my bedfellows suddenly.
I'm going to title it Heinz 57.
It won't be about catsup, but it will be a tasty fantasy:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Satires

The sun is rising noticeably later each morning. Another beginning, or ending, of a season. Already, somehow, I see the holiday season looming; a time of joy, reunion, and gift giving.
So often in the past this quiet pause has been the time of a discovery of some new work. I'm not sure why, but it's as though I stumble upon a book that Providence has placed purposely in my path.

I'm stuck in my writing, scratching my head for the right words. The book I'm reading is a disappointment, and I have to struggle to finish it. And then the gem presents itself. A gift from seemingly out of nowhere. That is "The Satires" by Duncan McGibbon, a writer one year younger than myself, light years older in the perfecting of his "craft"--what a misnomer!

If poetry can be called art, then McGibbon's canvas is vast and colorful. His work isn't for the casual reader--it's heavy stuff. He's been writing and teaching for years, and he knows the language and how to use it as well as any master working today. I intend to review it at my group, but as I've mentioned to a few others, poetry is not the genre I am at ease reviewing.

I find it incredible that at a site such as Bookrix, devoted to showcasing authors and their creations, this man's work seems to have languished regarding reads and comments. I will take up the cause and do what I can to change this. McGibbon is one of the brightest stars in our humble site's heavens.

I invite all my readers to see for themselves. Visit him at "Blondel"--his username--and then on an evening after the sun has set and the heat of the waning summer day has lessened, relax and read this book. You won't regret it.