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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey Guys!

We're launching a new contest! We want you to write a script. Any subject you want, but the opening scene has to take place on a boat.

I wrote a spec script seven or eight years ago, and then sent it up to my niece in Hollywood. She worked for Andrew Stevens, and I thought "Wow, won't be long now until I walk onto the stage and get my Oscar..."
She replied...kind of nicely.
"It's simply unbelievable, etc., etc.,...I went into seclusion, weeping.
But what was believable about a guy building a rocket ship in his barn, and THEN launching himself into orbit! I loved that film! But, think about it, lol.

So, I'm writing a new script! I've studied David Trottier's Bible until I'm dreaming about the chapters every night. CUT TO as a real creature dancing across the page. DIALOG CHARACTER NAME Parenthetical Action. They're all my bedfellows suddenly.
I'm going to title it Heinz 57.
It won't be about catsup, but it will be a tasty fantasy:)

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