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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Contest

I was honored a month ago to have been selected to represent, with four other writers, our community in an upcoming "group e-book" to be published early next year at Amazon. The community of writers was given the challenge to write something...take a small portion of one of their books, whatever...and post it in a thread. The community voted. The votes were counted, and the top five authors were announced. The next phase of the "contest" was announced: write a short story of not longer than 3,000 words on the theme "Social Injustice." We were given several weeks to choose an area, write, and then create the book. The community is once again voting to see which of the five will have his/her name on the book's cover...I can say quite truthfully, it doesn't matter to any of us who "wins" that honor. We are all best of friends and supporters of one anothers' works.

Here is the link to one entry that I think marks the best of the best. I invite you to check it out, It's stunning.
BXID: paigecarter_1319655306.7522900105

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