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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Week!

I'm going back up to Topanga Canyon this week to work. Eighty-five miles north of my place--through L.A. traffic, coming and going. I'll spend nearly as much time on the road as I will at the jobsite. The good thing is, no one will be there except me and a rooster down the hill somewhere. I'll get a lot done this coming week. Except shopping--which I'm the world's WORST at under the best of circumstances.

I'm grateful for the work in these sketchy times. I've always said that I'll change lightbulbs or wash windows rather than sit at home, and I meant it. I kind of like to eat. I won't be changing lightbulbs, but the work isn't my usual "glorious" kind. 's-okay. It's work.

My cell phone has no service at this location! No TV, no internet. I think I'll have to camp out up there if I expect to get the job completed by Friday. I'll miss my wife and our evening conversations, miss working on my writing for an hour or so each night, miss my friends at Bookrix in the short time left before I go to sleep. You see, I did that commute for three long weeks, and it translated into leave the house at 5:15, drive, return at 7:00 that night. Exhausted.

Some good news; I mean not that being able to work isn't good news--good-er news:) I'm working on Heinz 57, my screenplay. Have been, anyway. Total rewrite. Bye-bye Laverne's lisp dialect in his dialogue exchanges. Sniff. I'm extending the scenes in which Rollo, "Beautiful" Myron, and Laverne hatch the plan to paint the cellblock at the beginning as well. It all happened too quickly in my original draft. The story is there, though, and I'll get it right. There's a BIG competition coming up in March, juried by working producers and directors from Hollywood. If the final draft is as good as I think it can be...who knows?

In addition, I'm not exactly setting a sales record with "Dear Diary, a Journal From Hell" at Amazon, but I'm selling:) 8 copies last week alone! I don't have any idea who bought them, but someone did. Someone bought my short story. You can see it if you go to Amazon Books, paste B0068R6G1Q into the search box. That's Patrick Sean Lee, not simply Patrick Lee. He's someone else. I should have put it up for $5.99 instead of $.99. I'd be close to a millionaire by now, lol. Well...

Val's book, "No Ordinary Woman", is in printing right now! She signed off on the galley proofs last week. I'm so proud of you, Val. Congrats, dear:)

Life is rich and full. Merry Christmas everyone!

Well, I'd better go shopping:)

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