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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's so strangely quiet in my house this morning--Christmas Morning. Cosmo is whining for soft cat food in his tiny voice. Mocha is all excited that her master is up and about. She's hungry, too, and I'll make her a special treat when I finish up here. When we adopted her four or five years ago she was so frightened of me. Funny how time heals things.

But, it's quiet. Peacefully so. Presents lay unwrapped, smiling up at me from their spots beneath the lovely tree Pammy selected a week ago. Was it a week? I can't remember. The Topanga Canyon stay threw my mind into a dither. I worked a couple of 16-hour days while there. I shouldn't have, lol. It was quiet there, too. A different kind of quiet, though. Makes me so grateful to be home again and enjoying my family and the holiday. Connections via phone conversations (I NEVER TEXT!!!!) and emails with family out of state, and friends across the world.

It isn't quiet at Amazon Books, though. Dear Diary, A Journal From Hell all of the sudden started taking off last night and yesterday. It's being bought and read (I would assume it's being read:) by tons of people, now. I always loved that story I wrote for a Bookrix contest (and pulled before the contest closed). The journey by Terence and Teresa is fabulous, I really think. Thought. Just wish I'd given more consideration, and put more work into that opening. Still a bit "trite" compared to the rest of the story. Oh well...what did that famous author say about revisions? It's a done deal now.

I love the quiet at times. Like today. Like my life today.

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year. 2011 has been wonderful. Thanks to all of you who have become my friends, and to all my old friends...God love you! I do.

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