out of the ashes

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So Marvin part one is live and ready for purchase (thanks to everyone who has purchased it so far:), and I have my proof copy. I've been reading it. I've read those chapters a thousand times over the years I worked on it. Revise, revise, revise.

The last time I did it and wrote The End I swore, That's it. No more. It's finished. As I uploaded the final draft I had certain reservations concerning a few chapters I'd written when I worked on the book in class...the difference in voice...but I still liked them essentially. In particular when Maribeth introduces Marvin to her parents that first evening in Richard's study. Originally I had Marvin stealing a new suit; burning down the clothing store in the process, and then in his mad rush to flee the scene of the crime, being run over by Maribeth, lol. So what happened in rewrite was deleting all mention of how they first crossed paths (thank you, Anselm). I missed several places in the "final draft"! Reference is made to "...when I ran you down..."

And Robert versus Marvin! Several inconsistencies there as well. Marvin seems not to know him at breakfast the first morning after he awakens in the mansion; recognize Robert's voice. Robert met him at the front door of the mansion the day before, spoke to him, and then again a bit later after Maribeth helps Marvin in the driveway. Yikes!

I cringed. After having read the ms. a thousand times, how did I let those things slip by me?

Back to revision.
I will also combine Books One and Two as they are in my Word file...or files. I have about ten in my docs, lol. Resubmit to Createspace and THEN it will be perfect:) Everyone who bought the less-than-perfect edition will receive the revised book free of charge!

I have so much work to do. Finishing up Purgatorio...
Better get to work!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's been a hectic week. Tonight I am resting, getting my spirit straight again after the weekend drama...

I’ve always spoken about my love for the Romantic composers—Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Dvorak, Brahms, Bruch, and so many others. Sergei Rachmaninov…Oh that I could write like they composed.
I ran across another today, Anatoli Lyadov, a Russian like Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, and Rachmaninov. I love the Germans and the Poles, but I adore the Russian Romantics. There was something in the land, on the steppes and in the great frozen cities, that must have entered their spirits to enable them to write more powerfully than any of the rest. I believe, anyway.
Anatoli Lyadov taught Stavinski, Prokofiev, and Mussorgsky. He also composed a splendid, moody piece in 1908-09, when the glorious era of the Romantics was drawing to a close just prior to World War I. The Enchanted Lake. "About the lake Lyadov wrote, 'How purely picturesque it is—with bountiful stars over the mysteries in the depths! But most importantly it is uninhabited, without entreaties and complaints; only nature—cold, malevolent, but fantastic as a fairy tale.'”

A fairy tale…

Imagine yourself just before dawn, sitting beside the calm, mist-covered waters as this music plays. The hand of God moves slowly, like a soft breeze over the surface, and the magical realm He rules awakens.

When I write pieces that require mood and color; when I want badly to move my reading audience, I call on the Russians. I’d like to finish up Purgatorio with something like the last two minutes of this amazingly gorgeous work by Lyadov, particularly the last minute and a half…take it into denouement with beauty and serenity, the finality of spirits redeemed and at total peace.
Vist it at Youtube...Anatoli Lyadov - The Enchanted Lake (1909)