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Monday, September 17, 2012

Patrick Lee

As of November of last year I could no longer be Patrick Lee. At first that made me a bit sad. After all, I've been him since April 20, 1948. But why, you ask, can I no longer be just plain old Patrick Lee?
Well, I write, and as of November of last year I entered the marketplace with a 10,000 word story I'd written earlier that year, "Dear Diary, A Journal From Hell". It went up at Amazon. I was stunned in December (2011) and January (2012) by its sales ( No, I haven't quit my day job yet), and it continues to sell--though I have a ways to go before joining Mark Helprin or Stephen King...or Patrick Lee.

Patrick Lee. Admittedly, I haven't read any of his books--one at least hit the NY Times Bestseller list--but I have no doubt that he is an excellent writer. Publisher's Weekly gave the book a glowing review. That says a lot about a writer's ability. But perusing his titles, I can say pretty confidently that we write in very different genres; probably styles as well.

Even though he stole my name (wink)--well, he was at Amazon first--I do thank him, because we seem to get "linked" with my now several books when I search...me. I'm not at all offended by the mix up. Like I said, I'm rather grateful.

For any of you interested, and without his written or even verbal permission, I'd like to post his website address. Not that I want you to compare writing--I'm still rather humble in that department--but just to give him a plug. We can all use those.


Speaking of reviews, I'm going to submit The Dance to Kirkus for a paid review. An impartial, professional assessment, good or bad. If it's bad, I probably won't use it in promotions, lol...but God knows I think the book is excellent. I worked long and hard on it. If it's good, I can take it and run like hell to that agent and say, "See, didn't I tell ya'?"

Should you see this, Patrick Lee (the younger), I'd like your opinion. Good or bad (you seem well-educated), I promise to read at least one of yours and review it in return. Not tit for tat; you don't know me from Adam, and vice-versa :) Good writing is good writing. A good story is still a good story, no matter the genre preference of the reader.

I wonder if someplace way, way back there our ancestors might have been from the same family over in Ireland? Whereas my great, great, great Uncle Seamus leaned toward the literary/fantasy romance style (who would that have been? Yeats maybe?), your great, great, great (add one more great) Uncle Patrick might have been more inclined to enjoy thrillers. Perhaps the stuff by that Englishman, the author of Hamlet?

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