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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What day is this?

So, I crash VERY early last night. I mean, like seven-ish. Under the covers with two pillows jammed uncomfortably beneath my head; in my sweats and SOCKS! Well, I was reading until I pooped. Pammy came to bed...not sure what time...and gently took my hand. How precious:) Or was that me dreaming? Either way, I smiled.

Woke up at 10:30, got up, went potty, and then into the kitchen to check the clock (couldn't find my cell phone to check the time). Oh crap. I'm wide awake. 'Kay, going back to bed and FORCE myself to sleep. My brain is working as though I've slept 8 wonderful, restful hours though.

Not good. I think about Marvin--I'm always thinking about Marvin--the rain, work tomorrow, what'll I have for breakfast? Did I lock the truck? Is Marvin going on a blog tour? Why did all but 30 pages of the new, revised edition suddenly disappear at Bookrix? Did I read Roger's new work? Mocha. She sleeps right beside me; well, on the floor beside me. Darned dog, what did she eat last night? Phewy! And on and on and on...

It's 12:30, finally, and I say, "To **** with it, I'm getting up and going to WORK on my book-in-progress.

It's a bit after 2:00.

I'm going to open my working draft doc. Right after I finish this.

Oh wait, I think I need to re-read the last chapter of Mockingjay again.  Katniss was so, so morose the entire book! Did she find peace? Better go back and check before I begin writing.

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