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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kristen Lamb-Sage Advice


I need to read this again. And then again.

#1...Where did I put that list?
#2...I don't feel inspired this morning. For sure I will tonight! Guess what happens "tonight"? Yep, For sure, then, tomorrow.
#3...I love this one. We were all trained to be factory workers and corporate mind slaves. Actually, having attended 12 years of Parochial schools, I think I was trained to become a priest. I'm a little fuzzy on that remembrance; I forgot where I put that list containing my thoughts on it, lol. Maybe I'll write a story about it tonight. Wait, maybe tomorrow!
#4...I'm going to revolt! Quit being a wife, entrepreneur, teacher, and mother today and become a full-time writer! I don't multi-task well :)
#5...This one I can do!
#6...I have a few friends who, when I submit a chapter I'm working on, rip it to pieces. Yo:)
#7...Birds of a feather...
#8...This one took me 14 years to figure out, lol.
#9...No a problem for me. That's my day job!
#10...I think coffee, being mostly water, should do?

There. You notice I didn't copy and paste the "suggestions" by Kristen. You'll have to follow the link to her Blog post in order to see what they are :) Which kind of hearkens back to part of Kristen's comments in #2.

Off to WRITE!


  1. I actually followed you from Kristen Lamb's and joined again - gotta start a list on double dipping.

    Now off to write.