out of the ashes

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I've had a terrible time...getting the title back to where it originally was; the book listed at Amazon. But it's done.
I began to HATE the title I dreamed up a year or so ago. The Dance of the Spiral Virgins. Simply terrible! I was thinking keywords. The Dance of the Spiral...Images, or Daydreams might have worked a bit better, at least in my mind. But back in 1998 when I first laid pen to paper in the first draft, The Redemption of Marvin Fuster is what I titled it. In fact, it defines the theme of the book.

I changed the title while in class at Saddleback College one year; The Geneticist. No one like that title one bit, lol. I didn't blame them.

A year ago I finished the final draft. It's great. It isn't Nabokov or Steinbeck, but for what I wanted to do; for the vision I had and continued to maintain throughout all the subsequent drafts, it's Pulitzer stuff:)
That was a smiley-face.

Seriously, at one time--many times--I had visions (or daydreams) about Marvin winding up on the NYT Bestseller list. Well, don't we all think that way? The sea of books and the marketing expertise of others is vast and deep. I hate marketing:)

But, Marvin is GOOD:) I never gave up on it, even after a hundred or so first chapter rewrites.

In other news, Josh is nearing completion of his novel, "The Agonizing Leaves." There, I put that period inside the ending quotations for Trish:) Agonizing Leaves promises to be fabulous, because Josh is such an excellent storyteller, and his writing is superb. "Spencer Ryan" is ALMOST ready to publish Cinderblock Walls as an ebook! I was knocked out when I first read that first chapter (with its tense errors:) back in...when? 2009 I think. She has mastered narrative, but again, it's her voice that floors the reader.

Anyway...we all got a lecture by Spenser (lol) last night on ellipses:)..............one ellipsis and ten periods. Now we know!


You will love Marvin. Maribeth. Trish and Richard (he's real, now:) Jonathan, who can't see the hand in front of his face, but is trying to break into the Los Alamos defense computer. John Delilah who stutters and stammers in the presence of Amy. Esmeralda, who has a fancy for wonderful, filthy old Marvin from the gutter. You'll love Marvin's real redemption.