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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Post-American World

A very interesting concept for a novel.

I watched a Youtube video this morning. Not certain how I came across it, but it dealt with demographics. The world in 1970. The Current world. Projected population increase/decrease in the next 25 years. Guys, that's probably our kids' world...we'll be long gone.

The upshot: In order for a given society with its norms, mores, and belief systems to maintain its existence, it must have a birthrate or at least 2.0 per family. If it does not, it's only a matter of time before that society dies, or changes drastically.

All of the Western Democracies maintain that birthrate, but the balance, or increase, is due to either immigration, or large birthrates in the Muslim communities. Worldwide. Some of this is conversion. Some by sheer number of children born into Muslim households, all impacted by the decline below 2.0 of birthrates in traditionally "Christian" or Christian-based nations, ie;, GB, France, Canada, and the US.

Historically, empires rise, and empires fall, but...in the last 2,000 years, the dominant civilizations have been Judeo/Christian-Roman/Greek. We all know that the Romans and Greeks were polytheistic, but we built upon their philosophy and law in a largely "Christian" context. There are many ugly chapters in the Western Democratic, Christian Book of Civilization, but we are who and what we are today LARGELY because of that basis for building.

We all assume that A) Greek and Enlightenment philosophy will win the day for future generations. Or B), Mega-Corporations/Evil Governments, or some horrible mutation of these will take over everything and enslave us all. Read these popular books: The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Divergent Trilogy...that's what we see in our popular novelists' works as a rule. That's what readers are buying.

There is another scenario. What IF Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism all die, if for no other reason than simple demographics? But religion does not. The world in 2050 is ruled by a Caliphate. In most ways, it is unrecognizable. Sharia is the law of the land. Infidels are not necessarily summarily executed, but they are voiceless, second-class citizens. Or, scenario Part II; The Muslim moderates, schooled in idealism and basically Western theory of society building win the day. Extremists are...well, for lack of a better word...executed for terrorism. Our world is at peace, but it worships radically differently than our current world.

How would this novel, politically incorrect in the West right now, be written? What might the plot be? The protagonist(s), the antagonist(s)?

Now, I'm not certain who compiled the data for the video I mentioned. I suspect it was someone with an agenda; perhaps CBN? I won't venture a guess. On the other hand, what if the data is real? I don't know; I can't verify the truth or falseness of it. I can say that none of us wants our children and grandchildren to inherit a culture wherein they attend services at a Mosque, or adhere to belief systems we do not. We don't like change on an order that large. We are comfortable (for the most part) in our inherited societies. Just a fact.

What might this book be titled? What might we learn from reading it? Or writing it?

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